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Scheduled Maintenance

Authentication Server
Major Outage

Due to a necessary infrastructure update, Authentication services may not be available for periods of time.

The maintenance window is scheduled for Sunday, 24.03.2024 from 6:00 CET (5:00 UTC) to 7:00 CET (6:00 UTC).


  • Creation, updating and deletion of users, API keys and (managed-)organizations will be not possible during the scheduled maintenance time frame.
  • Generating new auth tokens will not be possible during the scheduled maintenance time frame.
  • Existing access and refresh tokens may be invalidated after the maintenance.

Token Information: Invalidated refresh tokens cannot be used for re-authenticating. To generate a new token, please use the corresponding Authentication endpoint with your API Key and API Secret.

Implementation Notice: Please make sure your implementation uses ApiKeyAuthentication if RefreshTokenAuthentication fails with a 401 HTTP status code response.

Maintenance started

Maintenance on Authentication service has started.

Maintenance Completed 🎉

All maintenance operations completed.